Careless Driving Florida statute 316 1925

Careless Driving Florida statute 316.1925

Summary of “Careless Driving Florida statute 316.1925”

Careless Driving Florida statute 316.1925

My name is David Haenel and I’m one of the attorney’s at Finebloom and Haenel. I’m here to help you with your careless driving ticket. Do you realize that there was over one hundred and ninety four thousand (194,000) careless driving tickets issued last year in the State of Florida? Those are statistics from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. What is Careless Driving? As my Website tells you, there are different types of Careless Driving. A rear end collision, typically careless driving. Driving erratically, is that Careless Driving? The facts of the particular cases will dictate whether or not your citation was careless driving or not. What does this mean to the average motorist? If you’re involved in an accident and you were cited with Careless Driving, under Florida law, if you just pay that ticket and you do not fight it, that means you will be assessed four points on your driving record. Points, as you accumulate them, can have an absolute detrimental effect on your insurance. They can cause it to go up for a period of thirty six months.

What happens when you’re cited with Careless Driving in an accident scenario, is that if you call our office and we explore the legal defense of taking it to court, the officer must bring witnesses through the Clerk’s Office to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Any statements that you may have made to a law enforcement officer are privileged under Florida law. The officer must rely on independent witnesses to prove his or her case. If those witnesses do not appear, or the officer does not think that they can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, then we will Motion to have the citation dismissed.

Remember, many times, the law enforcement officer gets to the scene of an accident a long time after the accident actually happens. Sometimes it can be an hour or two depending on what jurisdiction you are in the State of Florida.

Careless driving tickets can also be in non-accident scenarios. In many instances, a law enforcement officer may issue a ticket for careless driving because he believes it doesn’t fit anywhere else. There may be legal defenses to that citation. Careless driving is very, very specific on what an officer needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Give our office a call at 800-FIGHT-IT. That’s 800-344-4848. We’d like to discuss the particular facts of your case, see if there are any legal defenses, and we would like to do everything possible to get your citation dismissed. At the very least, keep the points off.

Remember, if you have a commercial license, you can no longer elect traffic school. Either you pay the ticket and get points, or we go through the Court system and ask the Judge to try and either dismiss the ticket or keep the points off.

Give me a call. I look forward of discussing the particular facts of your citation. I’m here to get you through this.