Florida Speeding Tickets

Florida Speeding Ticket

There is only one type of speeding ticket in Florida that is more severe that a ticket for 30 over the speed limit. While all reports indicate that there has been a statewide decrease in the number of traffic tickets being issued, the amount of calls we have received on speeding tickets for 30 miles over the limit seem to be increasing every day. These tickets are serious matters but luckily we deal with them on a daily basis.

The basic details when it comes to a Florida traffic citation for speeding 30 miles over the posted speed limit are as follows:

  • This violation carries a larger fine than a most other speeding tickets. Fines vary by county but in the Orlando area those fines can exceed $300
  • There is a possibility of getting 4 points on your license and your insurance rates increasing
  • If you are caught driving 30 miles over the posted speed limit there is the possibility of a license suspension
  • Lastly, this type of ticket requires a mandatory court date.

The amount of the fine that comes along with this type of ticket will be set by the judge at the hearing. If you have a job that depends on your driving record, this type of ticket can be extremely harmful to your ability to work. The four points would stay on your license for three years and the ticket would be on your record forever. Also, if you get a ticket like this and then put things off too long, you could end up with a D-6 suspension. That would happen if you failed to show up for court on the assigned court date.

Our experienced lawyers and attorneys work on these types of traffic tickets all the time. They also handle these cases in every county in Florida. Call them before your court date so they can give you your options during a free consultation.

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