Believe it or not, most people don’t know a lawyer personally, and they certainly don’t know a traffic ticket attorney.  Furthermore, most states do not allow attorneys to use the term best, specialist or expert in representing their field of practice, except for a few narrow exceptions.  So, if you get a traffic ticket, how do you know how to pick the best Florida ticket attorney for you – to help you aggressively fight your ticket?

The best ticket lawyer for you may be quite different than the best ticket lawyer for another person.  Each traffic ticket case is different and each traffic ticket attorney has a slightly different way of fighting traffic tickets.  You want to be sure and select a good fit.  Because there is no “traffic ticket attorney” specialization, your best bet is to spend a little time researching a number of factors of the traffic ticket law firm and ticket attorney you want to hire to fight your ticket.  Here are some tips:

  • Look at the ticket attorney’s web site and see how much information is dedicated to traffic citations and ticket defense.
  • Look at the ticket attorney’s bio page or online information.
  • Find out how many tickets the attorney fights each year.
  • Find out what percentage of practice the attorney devotes to fighting tickets.
  • Find out how long the ticket attorney has been fighting tickets.
  • CALL THE TICKET FIRM and see if your call is answered, how you are treated on the phone and how long it takes to get a call back if the ticket attorney is unavailable.
There are a number of firms across the United States who dedicate all or a significant portion of their legal practice to fighting and defending traffic tickets.  These firms may have branches dedicated to traffic ticket defense in multiple cities, but each one is dedicated to providing top quality traffic ticket defense and employs traffic ticket attorneys who are committed to helping you fight your ticket.  Web sites for each of these firms’ traffic ticket defense practices is listed below, as an example of the kinds of firms you may want to search for:

Florida Traffic Attorney

San Antonio Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Corpus Christi Traffic Ticket Defense

Again, there is no single formula to determine the best traffic ticket attorney for you.  The above points are only suggestions to help you find the best ticket attorney for your particular case. If you need to fight your ticket in Florida, call us now: 1-800-793-0707.

Guest Blog by: Justin A. Coquat – Texas Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney with The Coquat Law Firm.

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