Suspended Licenses in Tampa

The basic rationale behind suspending a drivers’ license in Tampa is simple—promote safe driving and punish those drivers that offend or ignore important traffic laws. Courts in Tampa also use a suspended license as a punishment for non-driving crimes.   When it comes to license rules, Florida is considered one of the strictest states in the nation.

There are multiple ways a driver can get his or her driver’s license suspended in Tampa, including:

  • D6: Failing to take action on a court citation or failing to comply with a court directive are the common reasons why a driver would have a D-6 license suspension. The purpose behind this type of suspension is to punish the driver for his inaction regarding the court citation or directive and encourage compliance. In many instances, the individual may know very little about his or her failure to comply or the suspension until he or she receives notice in the mail!
  • Habitual traffic offender: A habitual traffic offender is a driver that has received multiple traffic tickets and/or moving violations in Tampa. As of June 2007, there were 145,732 drivers in the state of Florida that were classified as habitual traffic offenders.  There are multiple ways to receive a habitual traffic offender label in Tampa, including: receiving three major violations in a five year period and receiving fifteen convictions (with accompanying points) within a five year period.

There are also other activities that result in a license suspension that may have very little to do with an individual as a driver and more to do with the criminality of the behavior. For instance, writing a worthless check, drug-related possession charges, insurance fraud, possession of tobacco by a minor, driving off without paying for gas, petit theft, making a false affidavit for a drivers license are all offenses that can result in a suspended license.

The attorneys at The Law Place deal with license suspension issues every day. Whether you knew your license was suspended or had no idea, we are happy to inform you of the charges and the legal options available to you. In many instances, we can work with the court to defend the charges against you, lessen the punishment or help you get a conditional license. Give us a call today for a free consultation to discuss the facts of your case.

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