Vehicle Registration Issues in Tampa

In Tampa, the police are always looking for something to catch you on. Some items are more obvious (driving under the influence, speeding) while others are more subtle. Issues dealing with your Tampa vehicle registration certainly fall into that second category. Unfortunately, they can still carry some serious fines and penalties. Vehicle registration is managed by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and serves as an important revenue resource for the state. And if you want to drive your car in Tampa then you need to register your car every year.

Three of the more common vehicle registration issues Tampa drivers experience are all avoidable. In many scenarios, you may not be aware of the violation until you receive a ticket. Here’s a glance at the Tampa vehicle registration issues and how you can avoid them:

  1. No Valid Registration: Failure to have proper vehicle registration is considered a criminal offense punishable with up to sixty days in jail. If you do not have the funds to register your car, then you should save for them before you start driving. Same goes for insurance. The fines associated with driving around Tampa without registration or insurance are much higher than if you just pay them in the beginning!
  2. Expired Vehicle Registration: Similar to no registration, an expired registration signals to the Florida DMV that you are not fulfilling your end of the bargain when it comes to driving privileges in Tampa. Tampa attaches different fines and penalties depending on how long you have been driving with an expired registration. Because this offense carries fines and jail time, it is important that when you get the notice to renew in the mail, you do not ignore it! Pay the renewal fee right away and save yourself the headache. If it is helpful—put a reminder in your phone to start saving a couple months before the renewal comes due!
  3. Attaching An Unassigned Registration Tag: A common violation in Tampa, if you attach a false validation sticker or one that was not specifically assigned to you or lawfully transferred, then you will be charged with a second degree misdemeanor. Simply put, make sure that you pay for your registration tag, and avoid the jail time and fines that come with it. The cost to register your vehicle is much less than the $500 fine attached to this criminal charge!

One detail to add: all three of the Tampa vehicle registration issues discussed above are considered criminal violations—something you never want on your record. Make your vehicle registration a priority and you will never have to deal with these annoying (and costly) violations for as long as you drive. The attorneys at Finebloom & Haenel have the experience you need to fight a Tampa vehicle registration ticket. We are familiar with the charges and the defenses that may be available to you. Give us a call today for a free consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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