St Pete Police Officer Fighting Charges Of Carless Driving And Hit And Run Against Current Employer

St Petersburg police officer Curtis Dixon has been accused of careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident following a Tampa Rays baseball game. According to, Dixon is accused of rear-ending a mini-van in his police cruiser and then taking off. Dixon

Another Toyota Problem Or Was It Driver Error In Tampa Medical Office Crash?

A Tampa medical office building got an unexpected elevator passenger today when a woman ran her Toyota Corolla into the office building and right up to the elevators. There have been no Florida traffic tickets issued at this point but the investigation is ongoing and criminal traffic charges are still a possibility. The big question […]

Teen Driver Cited For Careless Driving After Hitting Two Teenage Girls Walking To School

Two teenage girls who were walking to Lakewood High in St Pete this morning were hit by a car driven by another high school student. Tito Bell has been cited for careless driving for hitting the two 15-year-old students. Bell was on his way to Osceola High School when the accident took place. The car […]