Florida Drivers With a New York Traffic Ticket

Florida is a great place for people all across America to travel and enjoy a nice sunny vacation.  With so many different sites to see Florida has beautiful beaches, the Everglades and excellent theme parks from Busch Gardens, Sea World, Disney World and Universal Studios.  So where do Florida residents like to travel when they […]

Why Traffic School Is An Option You Should Always Take

Given the option between increased insurance premiums and a potential license suspension and a half-day or full-day course, the choice seems obvious. But many Sarasota drivers do not realize just how great traffic school can be. Like golf, your driving record should be a low scoring game. And traffic school can help you keep it […]

What Happens In Florida Traffic Court?

So you received a traffic ticket and are now being summoned to attend Florida traffic court. Now what? Different than other courts you may have been to before, Florida traffic court only hears issues dealing with traffic tickets. Another major difference you will notice is the lack of a prosecutor in your case. Rather, the […]

Driving With an Expired License in Sarasota

How does a $500 fine, 6 months probation, and up to 60 days in county jail sound to you? Well it doesn’t sound that appealing to us either but those are the potential punishments attached to driving with an expired license in Sarasota. The punishments seem harsh because the state of Florida considers this to […]

Move Over Or Else: A Look At Florida’s Move Over Law

Move over, it’s the law! If you can remember that simple phrase when driving in Florida, then you will avoid the three point penalty attached to violating this state statute. The purpose behind the Move Over Law in Florida is Sounds simple enough, right? Well to show motorist just how seriously the state takes compliance […]

What to Expect In Florida Traffic School

Boring and necessary. Those two words basically sum up traffic school in Florida. Let’s bypass a discussion of the boring aspect of traffic school and delve into why it is necessary. To begin, traffic school in Florida is only available for civil infractions. Civil infractions include: speeding tickets, careless driving tickets, a citation for failure […]


Believe it or not, most people don’t know a lawyer personally, and they certainly don’t know a traffic ticket attorney.  Furthermore, most states do not allow attorneys to use the term best, specialist or expert in representing their field of practice, except for a few narrow exceptions.  So, if you get a traffic ticket, how […]