Move Over Or Else: A Look At Florida’s Move Over Law

Move over, it’s the law! If you can remember that simple phrase when driving in Florida, then you will avoid the three point penalty attached to violating this state statute. The purpose behind the Move Over Law in Florida is Sounds simple enough, right? Well to show motorist just how seriously the state takes compliance […]

Florida Speeding Tickets

There has been a increase as of late in the number of Florida speeding tickets written for 30 miles over the speed limit. This type of ticket carries different penalties than a ticket for driving 10 miles over.

Pinellas Habitual Traffic Offender Busted For 15th Time For Driving Without A License

A Gulfport man who was declared a habitual traffic offender in Pinellas County has been arrested for felony driving with a suspended license. This is the 15th time that Randolph Lane Borrow has been arrested for driving with a suspended or revoked license in the last 13 years. According to he has more than […]

Speed Trap In Broward County Leads To Attempt On A Deputy

We all hate being pulled over by an officer holding a radar gun for a speeding ticket. One man in Broward County must have been really angry he was going to get a traffic ticket in Tamarac. According to the an unidentified man tried to run over a patrolman who was flagging down a […]