Another Toyota Problem Or Was It Driver Error In Tampa Medical Office Crash?

A Tampa medical office building got an unexpected elevator passenger today when a woman ran her Toyota Corolla into the office building and right up to the elevators. There have been no Florida traffic tickets issued at this point but the investigation is ongoing and criminal traffic charges are still a possibility. The big question […]

Two Dead And Four Injured In Plant City Accidents Involving Hit-And-Run And A Stolen Car

The Florida Highway Patrol is searching for information on a hit-and-run driver who was allegedly driving a stolen car at the time he or she caused two accidents. Two people were killed and four others injured in three car accidents that took place on Holloway Road. The driver of the alleged stolen SUV left the […]

Felony Reckless Driving Charges Await Tampa Man For Almost Killing Someone While Texting And Driving

Stephen Horne is awaiting trial on felony charges of reckless driving with serious bodily injury stemming from a August 25 accident that cost a Tampa man both of his legs, part of his hand and nearly his life. Tampa police determined that Horne was texting while driving and that distraction caused him to run over […]

Hernando County Man Facing Vehicular Homicide Charges Pleads To Retail Grand Theft In Separate Case

Gregory Foster Dellea is awaiting trial on charges of vehicular homicide, manslaughter and reckless driving. In the meantime the Hernando County man has pled no contest to charges of retail grand theft on Thursday. The plea also settled a charge of violation of probation. He was given eight months and credit for the four months […]