Collier County Red-Light Camera Tickets Issued Due To Short Yellow Light

There has been a lot of debate about the motives of counties and cities all across the state of Florida in reference to the surge in red-light cameras. Proponents are arguing that red-light runners are a huge safety hazard while the other side claims the traffic tickets issued by the cameras are nothing more than […]


The company running the red light cameras in Lakeland is coming under fire for misleading residents who have received traffic citations. According to a story on the Sarasota Herald Tribune website American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is telling people caught running a red light that if they don

Traffic Tickets Trending Downward For Third Straight Year In Highlands County

For the third straight year there were fewer traffic tickets issued in Highlands County than the previous year. In 2009, there were just over 14,000 traffic cases filed in Highlands County. That is down nearly 1,800 from 2008 and down more than 6,000 from 2007. The last time there was an increase in traffic citations […]

New Port Richey State Senator Not A Fan Of Florida

Many Florida residents were able to put two and two together when red light cameras began to pop up all over the state at the same time budgets started to get cut. While most city and state officials still claim the cameras are being installed for safety reasons rather than as a traffic ticket, revenue […]

More Problems For Red Light Cameras In Florida

There has been plenty of news surrounding the red light cameras that are issuing tickets in towns all over Florida. Most of it has been about how the system is ticketing the wrong people and how one Florida lawyer is challenging the legality of these cameras. Now comes more controversy. The Lakeland Ledger is reporting […]