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Running a Red Light

It seems that no type of infraction causes more publicity in Florida then red light running. In fact, most departments have weeks or stings during which red light running is a top priority. In 2007 there was over 370,000 citations issued for red light violations.

The difference between red light citations and speed cases, is that it is very much a he said she said. That means that the officer testifies you ran the light and you claim you did not. There isn’t mechnical evidence like radar and laser logs or certificates of calibration. Instead an officer’s testimony is usualy the only available evidence against you.

Running a red light can result in 4 points on your license. Oftentimes we have clients come in insisting when they went through the light the light was yellow. We will take your side of the story to court and force the officer to prove the citation. We will do our best to get your citation dismissed or to keep the points off of your license. Remember, you will not receive an 18% reduction for electing traffic school on a red light ticket. You will be forced to pay the entire citation amount and then complete Florida traffic school.

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