Bradford County Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Bradford County, Florida is located in north central Florida and is home to some of the biggest speed traps in the county. The county seat is Starke, Florida and is the home of Florida State Prison. The citie of Bradford, Brooker, Hampton, Lawtey, and Starke all have their own police departments. There were almost 13,000 civil infractions issued in 2007. Almost 88% of the citations issued were written for unlawful speed. That number is truly amazing given the nature of the size of the county. The AAA auto club consistantly buys billboards which canvass Highway 301 to warn motorists of the impending speed traps ahead. With that being said, the local law enforcement agenices are constantly parked somewhere within the cities limits with their unmarked police cars. Oftentimes, they will place stickers, like GO GIANTS, to trick people into thinking they are just a tourist passing through.

The county Judge is Johnny Hobbs. A county Judge is assigned to listen to all misdemeanor as well as all civil infractions that occur within the county limits.

If you receive a citation or get arrested witin Bradford County please all our office so we can discuss the facts of your case.

We represent individuals charged in Bradford County and the town of booker, and cities of Hampton, Lawtey, and Starke.