Madison County

Madison County Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Madison County, Florida is located in northern Florida on the Georgia border. The county has a population of approximately 20,000 and the county seat is Madison. There are three incorporated areas within the county, Greenville, Lee and Madison. The main law enforcement agency is the Madison County Sheriffs Office. Law enforcement issued close to 7,000 moving violations to motorists in Madison County. Most of those tickets were for unlawful speed. Other infractions include running a red light, careless driving, and running a stop sign.

Law enforcement in Madison County issued over 600 criminal citations last year. There were 53 DUI arrests in the county, with almost half being conducted by the Florida Highway Patrol. Madison County is a dry county so that may account for the low number of DUI arrests. Law enforcement in Madison County issued over 450 criminal violations for driving while license suspended in violation of Florida Statute 322.34 and driving without a license in violation of Florida Statute 322.03.

Madison County, Florida is part of Florida’s Third Judicial Circuit. Madison County has one County Court Judge, Hugh Wetzel Blair. Judge Blair has served as a County Court Judge since 1977.

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