Lafayette County

Lafayette County Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Lafayette County, Florida is the second smallest county, other than Liberty County, in the State of Florida. With a population of nearly 7,000, the county seat is Mayo. One of Lafayett’s interesting characteristics is that it is a dry county. That might explain why there were only 12 DUI arrests in the entire county in 2007. That equates to only 1 DUI arrest per month for all law enforcement agencies combined. The most active law enforcement agency in the county is the Florida Highway Patrol. They issue approximately 441 moving violations per year. Most of those citations were for unlawful speed. The most common issued criminal citation was for driving without a license or no valid driver’s license.

Lafayette County is part of Florida’s 3rd Judicial Circuit. The third circuit encompasses Columbia, Dixie, Hamilton, Madison, Suwannee, and Taylor Counties. Darren Jackson is the Lafayette County Judge and he has been on the bench since 2007. Judge Jackson acts as a Circuit Judge in certain instances and is assisted by the Circuit Court Judges if need arises.

Aside from the county seat of Mayo, other unicorporated areas within the county include Alton, Day, and Cook’s Hammock, Florida.

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