Liberty County

Liberty County

Liberty County, Florida is located in the Florida panhandle and has a population of almost 8,000 persons. It is probably the least populated county in the entire state of Florida. The county seat is in Bristol. Other incorporated areas of Liberty County include Estiffanulga, Hosford, Orange, Rock Bluff, Telogia, Wilma, and Woods.

The biggest law enforcement agency is the Liberty County Sheriffs Office, which is assisted by the Florida Highway Patrol. In 2007 law enforcement issued just over 1,000 moving violations last year. Over 80% of those citations were issued for unlawful speed. Because of the nature of their job, almost 700 speeding citations were issued by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Law enforcement in Liberty County, Florida issued just under 300 criminal citations last year. Not unlike other counties, a majority of those citations were written for driving while license suspended in violation of Florida Statute 322.34 and no valid driver’s license in violation of Florida Statute 322.03. There were 75 DUI arrests made in Liverty County with most of them being conducted by the Sheriffs Office.

Liberty County has one county court Judge, Kenneth Hosford. He has been a Liberty County Court Judge since 1997.

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