Hardee County

Hardee County Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Hardee County is located east of Bradenton and just north of Desoto County. Many Florida residents traveling across the state will often travel through Hardee county as they traverse the State. Law enforcement officers in Hardee County issued 6,475 moving violations in 2007. Over 4,600 were issued for unlawful speed and of those, a majority were issued by local police departments. Even though it is relatively rural, Hardee County has several municipal police departments with officers that are extremely overzealous. Those departments include Bowling Green, Wauchula and Zolfo Springs. Several of these departments employ part-time police officers who are not shy about writing tickets.

Aside from just writing civil infractions such as speeding, careless, red lights, stop sign, and failure to yield citation, law enforcement in Hardee County wrote over 1,800 criminal citations. Most of these citations were for driving while license suspended, Florida Statute 322.34 or No Valid Driver’s License in violation of Florida Statute 322.03 (1). Given the large migrant population and agriculture population in the county, the large number of criminal driving citations is not out of the ordinary. There were over 100 DUI arrests, with almost 50% being done by the local police departments.

There is one Judge assigned to Hardee County County, Jeffrey McKibben. The courthouse is located in Wauchula at 417 West Main Street. Hardee County has one Circuit court, Marcus Ezelle.

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