Duval County

Duval County Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Duval County is located in northeast Florida and its major city is Jacksonville. Aside from the Florida Highway Patrol and Jacksonville Sheriffs Office, there are various other city police agencies. They include the Atlantic Beach Police Department, City of Jacksonville Police, City of Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Unversity of North Florida Police Department. In total there were 157,000 moving violations issued in 2007 with over 90,000 of those violations being issued for unlawful speed. A huge number of careless driving ciations are also issued in Duval County. Over 17,000 citations for careless driving were issued in the most recent DHSMV statistical results. Careless driving citations can evolve from accidents or in non-accident scenarios if the driving put a person or property in danger. Due to a recent change in the law, if the citation resulted in the death or serious bodily injury to another person, then the violator will be subjected to a minimum 90 day driver’s license suspension.

Aside from civil infractions, the police agencies in Duval county issued close to 40,000 criminal violations in 2007. There were over 4,000 arrests fo driving under the influence in Duval County in 2007. Most of the arrests were made by the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office. The office of the Sheriff-Jacksonville Police was consolidated for efficiency purposed in 1968 following a vote by the citizens of the county.

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