Walton County

Walton County

Walton County, Florida is located in the Florida panhandle and has a population of approximately 50,000. The only municipal police department is within the City of Defuniak, the location of the county courthouse. The claim to fame for Walton County is that Britton Hill is the state’s highest point. Aside from that police agency, primary law enforcement duties are the responsbility of the Walton County Sheriffs Office and the Florida Highway Patrol.

Walton County, Florida is part of Florida’s 1st Judicial Circuit. Other counties within that Circuit include Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Escambia County. The only county Judge is David Green. Judge Green listens to criminal misdemeanor cases and all civil traffic infractions. As a result of a recent passage of legislation anyone receiving a citations for traveling 30+ over the posted speed limit will required a mandatory appearance. Thankfully, the traffic court rules allow lawyers to appear on behalf of their client.

Last year law enforcement in Walton County, Florida issued over 10,000 moving violations to motorists within the county. Almost 80 percent of those violations were issued for unlawful speed. An enormous number of red light tickets were issued in the county last year. Paying a red light ticket without doing anything else, will result in 4 points being assessed on your Florida driving record.

Aside from civil infractions, police in Walton County issued almost 2,500 criminal violations last year. Not unlike other Florida counties, most criminal citations were issued for no valid driver’s license or driving while license suspended pursuant to Florida statute 322.34. In addition there were over 400 dui arrests in the county.

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