Calhoun County

Calhoun County Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Calhoun County, Florida is located in the panhandle of Florida, due west of Tallahassee. It is not an overly populated county so law enforcement has lots of time to focus on traffic enforcement. Although Calhoun County has two municipal police agencies, Altha and Blountstown, most activity is generated from the Florida Highway Patrol and the Calhoun County Sheriffs Office. In a typcial year there are about 50 DUI arrests in the entire county. Most criminal citations are issued for no valid drivers license or driving while license suspended. Of those driving while license suspended citations, many are issued citations for habitual traffic offender violations. A habitual traffic offender is someone who has lost their license for 5 years because they have been convicted for three major violations within a 5 year period. The DMV will allow you to apply for a hardship license but ONLY after you wait one year with no driving.

Law enforcement in Calhoun County issues at least 1,500 civil citations anually. Most of these are moving infractions for unlawful speed. If you have received a violation or are facing a criminal charge in Calhoun County call our office. We can discuss your situation with you free of charge.

We cover all cities within Calhoun county including Altha, Blountstown, Abe springs, Broad Branch, Chason, Chipola, Cox, Eufala, Fisher Corner, Frink, Gaskins, Henderson Mill, Iolee, Inard, Leonards, Marysville, McNeal, New Hope, Ocheesee Landing, Ocheeseulga, Pine Island, Rollins Corner, Scotts Ferry, Selman, Willis.

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