Nassau County

Nassau County Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Nassau County, Florida is located in the northwest portion of Florida. The county is growing fast and the population is approaching 65,000. The main law enforcement agency is the Nassau County Sheriffs Office. The Sheriffs Office spends countlesss hours doing traffic enforcement, especially DUI and speeding citations. Last year law enforcement in Nassau County issued close to 6500 moving violations. Almost 3400 of those citations were issued for unlawful speed. The Nassau County Sheriffs Office and the Florida Highway Patrol combine their efforts in traffic control, especially on Interstate 95.

When not issuing moving violations law enforcement in Nassau County issued close to 1700 criminal tickets. Most of the criminal tickets were for driving while license suspended in violation of Florida Statute 322.34 or No Valid Driver’s License in violation of Florida Statute 322.03. Many drivers cited under Florida’s driving while license suspended law are Habitual Traffic Offenders. Habitual traffic offenders are individuals that have lost their license for 5 years as a result of obtaining 3 major violations in a 5 year period. For more information about suspensions or habitual traffic offenders click here.

Aside from the Sheriffs Office and Florida Highway Patrol, the local police departments of Fernandina Beach and Yulee assist in traffic enforcement and law enforcement activity. Other cities or towns with Nassau County, Florida include Callahan and Hilliard. The unincorporated areas include Amelia City, American Beach, Andrews, Boulogne, Bryceville, Chester, Crandall, Crawford, Dahoma, Dyal, Evergreen, Franklintown, Glenwood, Gross, Hedges, Hero, Ingle, Italia, Keene, Kent, Kings Ferry, Lessie, Nassau Village-Ratliff, Nassauville, O’Neil, Verdie, Yulee Heights, and Yulee.

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